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G.P.P. emphasises highly on safety plans which are outlined and relevant forms are completed prior to commencement on site.

To ensure that all employees, subcontractors and others onsite are working under strict guidelines under the WH&S Act, our company endeavours the following is intact and present at all times.

  • Only trained and competent persons are engaged onsite.
  • Plant and equipment are safe and secure, with an assessment form completed daily prior to operation.
  • Systems of work carried out without any risk to health and safety.
  • Conditions implemented so that the premises are always a safe place to work in.

Successful achievements in health and safety will involve:

  • Understanding of Work Health & Safety measures and appropriate methods
  • Commitment by all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and any other person involved in carrying out certain tasks onsite, always dedicating themselves to health and wellbeing, and improving safety and health at all times
  • Meetings ensuring any matter requiring attention is brought forward and always discussed if sighted
  • Communication between management, employees, contractors and any other persons of what strategies and improvements can be implemented to bring about a safer place
  • Supervision by experienced and knowledgable person(s), who are in charge of all aspects of the project to ensure high standards of health and safety, check for hazards, investigate accidents, and train workers with certified licences. To ensure all personnel understand and accept all responsibilities, meetings will be conducted daily if required. Practices in place to ensure these are attained at all times include: risk assessment forms, work method statements, routine safety checks, inspections, assessments and toolbox talks, injury documentation and PPE.
  • Consultation among employers, supervisors and relevant WH&S representatives to ensure all control measures are undertaken to ensure health and safety, and that work is carried out as advised

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